Why Trophex

The big Question


If you would ask me what is the one reason why someone should choose Trophex Taxidermy, I would, without thinking, say “experience”. I would also add that it is not just the experience we have, but what we’ve done with our experience that sets us apart. Our experience served everything we achieved, from product quality to customer service.



There are many talented taxidermists and taxidermies in South Africa, producing high-quality trophies. My grandfather used to say that if you wanted to know if a carpenter was great, you should look at the work under the table. We’ve studied African taxidermy to make our work look as realistic as possible but, more importantly, we also make sure that our mounts are strong and reliable. The parts of any mount that will not be visible to anyone represent quality workmanship, even though no one would ever see it.



We value your expectations. We are all different and we all have different preferences. For this reason, we want to include you in the mounting process of your trophies so that we can mount each trophy exactly the way you want it to be and prevent disappointment. Our unique progress quality check system will keep you in touch during each stage with emails and photos and allow you to make changes to your mounts if needed.



To be frank, taxidermy is an industry where things can go wrong. Should any taxidermist deny this statement, I would doubt his credibility. In my opinion, the thing that sets any taxidermy apart from another is the way situations are handled. We believe in being open, transparent and honest, even in the most difficult of times. Every problem has a solution, but a problem solved in the dark is just another problem.



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