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Meet The Team


Managing Member of Trophex cc

Bertus Steenkamp

We’ve worked hard to build a company from the ground up. Trophex Taxidermy is build on transparency and honesty. Our quality is exepctional, we take great cared in creating breathtaking trophies for our local and international clients.

We are the best Taxidermy in South Africa Limpopo, with the experience to prove such a bold claim. I just can’t wait to meet you and create a dream hunting trophy that will capture the character in a realistic work of art.

Using our services is a no brainer, if you want quality you’re at the right place.


Customer services

Yolanda Steenkamp

Over the past 10 years we’ve worked with many clients from all around the world. I’ve helped to answer some of the pre-sales questions and took care of the after sales support.

I Usually answer all those difficult questions before hand and the also take great care in keeping you up to date once your African animal has entered into the Taxidermy process.

I am always there every step of the way to answer any question you may have regarding the status of your trophy.

Production Manager

Jan Vermaak

Running the production side of Trophex Taxidermy is chalanging but rewarding at the same time. I’m always on the floor making sure the staff members are fully aware of deadlines and the high standards our clients are expecting. 

We have a great system in place to allow our production to run smoothly. Every step of the process was developed through years of hands on experience. I am confident that you will find our work is exceptionally good. Your trophy will be realistic and arrive at your house withing a respected time frame. 

You would be wise to consider Trophex for your next Trophy, we’ve got everything in place to deliver exactly what you need.



Patricia Jansen van Vuuren

The accounts department is my speciality. I take care of all the financial aspects and see to it that everything fuctions well. My skills in accounting contributes to the success of Trophex Taxidermy. I believe a healthy business is a positive business.

Our company has grown from a small family owned business to a thriving taxidermy opperation. We aim to grow in the next few years to multiple locations in Africa.  Our ethical values and honest approach will ensure that we will be here for quite some time yet.

Your investment in a trophy at Trophex is well placed. We are planning to grow, which means you’ll get exactly what you paid for. a Perfect African Wildlife Trophy.


Administration Manager

Debbie Vermaak

With growth comes a lot of responsibility. Our ethical values are based on honest commerce. We know the importance of running a business that adheres to local and international laws. I’m in charge of getting the paperwork in order and helping you with the exproting documents.

My moto is, we can do anything we set our minds to. I love working with new clients and making sure you are looked after. The legal aspects of emplyeing staff is also my responsibility and I take this as a very important aspect of my job.

Our paperwork will always be in order so your trophy can be delivered hastle free.

Taxidermy Staff

The Staff Behind The trophies

The Heart of our Business

Exceptional Tropies call for experienced staff. Each and every individual in our team is passionate about what he/she does. They are all experienced and over the years have become part of this family.

We see our staff members as brothers and sisters working together to create realistic trophies for hunters of all nationalities and countries. Without them Trophex would have nothing.



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