Frequently Asked Questions

The process is HASSLE-FREE because we take care of everything!

I must say that this is the question we receive the most and that is probably the most difficult of them all. I really wish there was a straight answer, but unfortunately many factors determine the shipping price, for example the destination and size of the order. Therefore, we really cannot tell how big the crate is going to be. 

The best we can do on this topic is to take the list of trophies on your order and take a wild guess on how big the crate is going to be and then work on that for an estimate. Then, just to be safe, it will be best for the shipping agent to overestimate, just in case…

Yes, I understand you just need a rough figure. Below is a good indication of a previous shipment that may help you to estimate a rough figure

Dip and pack orders normally take 4 months to complete. Taxidermy orders, where we will be mounting your trophies, normally take 10 to 12 months, depending on how busy our season is.

I would be concerned if this timeframe was shorter as that would indicate that the taxidermy doesn’t have much work which, in return, will lead to the question: Why?

You can do a wire transfer and we also have a PayPal account for those who are familiar with PayPal.

We also have a Spanish bank account with Bankia; however, this service is only available for Spanish clients.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques due to the high costs involved and the long time it takes for them to be cleared.

We will get all your details from the hunting outfitter, including the hunting documents, etc. We communicate mostly by email and, in some cases, by phone.

We need your approval that your taxidermy quote and the details are correct. Then you need to make a 30% deposit payment to get us started.

Please note that with dip and pack orders, we need full payments in order for us to start with your consignment.

We recommend that you use Zingela Forwarders as an export broker if you don’t already have an export broker.

Depending on the destination, Zingela Forwarders will then recommend an import broker to you.

Your consignment or shipment will require clearance by Customs and the Department of Agriculture. Your import broker will arrange this, which may take a few weeks. After that, the trophies can be delivered to your home or wherever you want them to be sent.

Please note that dip and pack orders will need to go to a registered taxidermy or tannery.

We will collect your trophies. All we need are the contact details of the hunting outfitter or just the name of the company where you are planning to hunt. We will arrange everything from there on.

It all depends on the size of your consignment: if the crate is very big, it will make more sense to ship it by sea; if your crate is not that big, it will make more sense to ship it by air.

Our customer service manager will start with an entry proposal. From then on you will communicate and share ideas, pictures, etc., until you are satisfied with the planned outcome.

All details will then be documented and described on the quotation for your order, which also acts as a job card.



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