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Export Info

Everything you need to know about our exporting process

The exporting process consists of three phases. Trophex Taxidermy takes care of all the paperwork and exporting frustrations so that you can relax and simply anticipate the arrival of your trophies with stories.

Phase #1

Export permit application

In order for the exportation process to begin, Trophex Taxidermy will ensure that the necessary paperwork is in order.

The following documents must be provided:

  • Copy of the PH Hunting Register (original may be requested)
  • P3 exemption letter (detailing where the hunt took place)
  • Land owner’s permission letter

If a TOPS species is hunted, a hunting permit is required, along with the documentation mentioned above, before the export permit can be issued.

Once the documents have been delivered to the exporters and are deemed in order, the application for an export permit can begin. For increased speed, the application is usually done simultaneously with Trophex Taxidermy’s activities.

Trophex Taxidermy will obtain the necessary veterinary documents required for this phase in the exportation process.

Additional documents required are:

  • Taxidermy invoice
  • Export permit
  • Veterinary documents

The issuing and receiving of an export permit can take anything from two weeks to a month, depending on the province’s specific nature conservation office. This is excluding CITES permits, which take longer. You will need a CITES import permit in order to receive a CITES export permit.

Reliable exports via Zingela

With the help of Zingela Forwarders, we’ve been exporting hunting trophies all over the globe. Zingela Forwarders share our values and beliefs, and over the past 10 years we’ve developed a strong relationship. Our customers are free to use any exporting agent in South Africa, but we strongly recommend our friends at Zingela Forwarders


Phase #2

Taxidermy packaging, crating, transport and storage

Once your order is complete, prepared and packed, Zingela Forwarders will collect your cargo and check it into their warehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa.

All the dimensions, the weight and additional details of your consignment are recorded during the check-in process.

Your export file is now open and Zingela Forwarders can begin preparing freight estimates – by air or ocean freight – for the safe transportation of your crate to you (or to your taxidermist’s closest registered fish and wildlife port of entry).

Insurance can be organised according to Zingela Forwarders’ suggested values, which will cover the consignment from when it is collected from Trophex Taxidermy to when it arrives at its destination. Please note: the cargo is subject to a time constraint of a month from when the insurance becomes effective.

Phase #3

Clearance, airport delivery and exporting of cargo

All Zingela Forwarders’ quotes are from OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa, to your closest registered fish and wildlife port of entry.

Both wire transfers and credit card payments are accepted.

Once payment is received, the exporting of the crate will commence, which entails the following:

  • Booking of the cargo with the appropriate airlines
  • Delivering of the required documents to the appropriate nature conservation office to be stamped
  • Ensuring that Customs receive the same documentation so that they can declare the value of the cargo for export approval

All flight details are forwarded to you, as well as to the relevant broker (should you be using one), enabling them to handle the clearance and delivery of your hunting trophy once it has arrived at the port of entry.

All details are forwarded to you and your broker to ensure that no extra storage charges are incurred due to insufficient communication regarding the arrival date of the consignment.

Once the crate has departed, its movements are tracked in real time, assuring that any change in the flight details are communicated to you and your broker as soon as they occur.

Even though it is possible to personally handle the clearance of your hunting trophies on arrival at the appropriate fish and wildlife port of entry, Zingela Forwarders strongly recommend that hunters make use of a broker. They are familiar with the necessary procedures to get your consignment cleared without any unforeseen delays. A broker will also handle the prompt delivery of your hunting trophies from the port of entry to a destination of your choice.

We have working relationships with brokers all over the world



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